Treatment Soap - Thermal Water Soaps
Thermal water soaps the best of thermal waters on your skin.

Caldas das Taipas is a small town, in the north region pf Portugual, near Guimarães – Unesco World Heritage. The Thermal water  was first discovered and used by the romans in the beginning of our era. In the first quarter of the XIX century the waters began to be exploited for therapeutic purposes, treating skin related problems among others.
Why are our natural soaps so especial?
They are made of simple ingredients, without chemicals
Its basic composition has natural oils, instead of animal fats
The main ingresients is sulphurous termal water which is excelente for skin treatments
They clean smoothly the skin, protecting it instead of leaving it dry and irritated
Leaves a delicate scent and refreshing feeling
They are handmade produced ising traditional knoweledge with scientific validation.

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