Box Pacheca Port Vintage 2000 and Quinta da Pacheca L.B.V. 2009
Pacheca Port Vintage 2000
Winter was exceptionally dry with virtually no rain from October to the end of February. However, cool and wet weather set in during the Spring, which registered three times the average rainfall. This slowed down vine development and flowering was delayed into May. Flowering took place still under very wet conditions leading to very poor fruit set. This set the scene for one of the smallest harvests in many years. During the month of June ideal dry weather conditions prevailed. July and August saw some useful showers although the summer was not one of extreme heat. As such, vine development towards the end of August was slightly below normal. September began with an unusually hot period, leading to a rapid advancement in maturity. When the vintage started, the fruit from old vines of Bico do Poço at Quinta da Pacheca was in excellent condition.
Alcoholic contents: 19.5%
Volume: 750ml

Quinta da Pacheca L.B.V. 2009
The grapes from old vines were taken to the winery in plastic boxes. On arrival in the winery they were rigorously inspected on a sorting table. The grapes with their stems were then slightly crushed and transferred to a traditional stone tank (“lagar”) where they were foot trodden. After this, the grape spirit was added to stop the fermentation and fortify the wine.
Alcoholic contents: 20%
Volume: 750ml.
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