Pacheca Box, White Porto and Tawny Porto
Pacheca Porto Tawny
Pacheca Porto Tawny is a Port wine resulting from a blend of different wines aged 3 or 4 years the youngest and 7 or 8 years the oldest. The ageing process of these wines was done in wooden barrels to promote a greater oxygenation.
Its original red colour gives way to amber tones, its flavour is enriched by a combination of nuts, dried fruits and the aromas of red fruits.
Alcoholic contents: 19%
Volume: 750ml.

Pacheca White Porto
Grapes Malvasia Fina, Códega, Gouveio and Viozinho are harvested for 25kgs boxes and transported to the winery where they undergo partial fermentation maceration, so there is some extraction of dye, body and aroma. Then the must is pressed and fermentation follows the scheme of white wine to the fortification.
Alcoholic contents: 19.5%
Volume: 750ml.

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